Retouching Service 

 As a newborn photographer i can understand the laborious task it can be to edit a full newborn gallery, and how time consuming editing can become.

Wouldn't it be a dream to just hand over those tricky newborn skin edits to another professional editor so you can concentrate on your business and photo sessions. 

I can offer a quick and simple process!

   BASIC RETOUCHING​ - £4 per image 

  • Exposure, contrast, sharpness

  • Color correction, enhancement

  • Minor skin correction

  • Basic background retouching

​   ADVANCED RETOUCHING - £5 per image 

  • Small object removal

  • Advanced skin retouching (pore by pore)

  • Complete blemish and flaky skin removal

  • Balancing skin tones, fixing jaundice

    FULL EDIT - £6 per Image 

  •    if you require a full image edit i would edit where i see fit but stay in keeping with photographers own style. 


   COMPOSITES - £8 per Image 

  •  Newborn froggie composites and such like, digital background composites

        Contact for more information and a Quotation. Please visit my client gallery to see my own work

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