How To Prepare For Your Newborn Photography Session 

Lianne Marie photography specializes in newborn babies that are 6-14 days old. To ensure we get the sleepy posed shots it is preferable to book your session 6-8 weeks prior your due date to fix a provisional booking.  

Newborn sessions are scheduled between 10am-1pm (Depending which package you chose), your newborn is the star of the session and he/she will dictate the timing of it all. Patience is essential and sometimes we will go over the session time. 


If you have specific ideas or colour schemes, please give me sufficient notice and i will try my best to incorporate them. Please feel free to bring any personal props i.e blankets, teddies, hats etc. 

It is much easier to work with your newborn when he/she has a full belly and in a deep sleep so please give your newborn a complete feed before the session, it is likely you will feed your baby again during the session too so you may need to bring extra feeds.

To ensure your baby is happy and calm during the session i suggest bringing a dummy, even if you do not intend to use one after, this is just incase baby is particularly unsettled sometimes this can soothe extra hungry babies.

To ensure baby is content and cosy the studio will be quite warm so i advise you dress in layers.


For family shots i advice very simple clothing, nothing with large prints etc, this is to ensure an effective, clean look. 


It is incredibly important to me that every newborn photography shoot is as stress free as possible for parents, therefore i will do all the work including settling and posing so please feel free to sit back and relax. 

I look forward to meeting you! 

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